inspired by ceramic artist Julie Cloutier

for studios, workshops, kitchens, gardens and homes.


Julie is a ceramic artist who lives and works in the outer sunset of San Francisco. She transforms clay into everyday objects that are functional, minimal and natural. Each object she makes begins by throwing clay on the wheel which demands lots of practice and labor. When so much work and skill is required, you really have to enjoy the whole process involved in the making of your pieces.

Love of making functional everyday objects by hand one by one - that is where I found something in common between Julie and me. And that is what makes each of our pieces meaningful and unique.

In ceramic studios, you get messy and wet. Most of the time you sit behind the wheel shaping and trimming clay in a contorted position. As such, your workwear must adapt to the needs of the wheel. 

Needs are often a great source of inspiration for me. I tried to meet Julie’s needs with details like the button up side slits on her tunic. When opened, the slit allows her to sit comfortably behind the wheel, or it can be buttoned up as a dress when she takes a break at a nearby cafe. 

After several weeks of collaboration, Julie, Andrew and I gathered for the last time for this project in her studio in the outer sunset. Julie, being her natural self, was doing her usual work in her new workwear. Andrew was expertly capturing the mood and scene behind his film camera. Meanwhile, I had the pleasure of being in the same space watching two great talents from different fields working together in harmony.

The new collection, CLAY, was inspired by Julie for her ceramic studio, but I hope other people will find this line of workwear functional and comfortable for their own spaces and occasions as well. 




 Julie Cloutier    www.cloutierceramics.com

Andrew Paynter  www.andrewpaynter.com


Each piece is made one by one in downtown San Francisco by Jisun. Standard sizes and fabrics are available in the online shop. Please feel free to email me about customizations or commissions at


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