This month, we took our inspiration from the Smoking Jacket. The  jacket is originally designed to be worn while smoking to absorb the smoke and protect the clothing from ashes.

We love the jacket's stylish look and comfort as well as the fact it was created to serve a certain purpose. In the studio, we took the style and details of the smoking jacket, and turned it into the Maker's Jacket.

The Maker's jacket is designed  to serve makers with warmth, comfort and style. It is an easy piece to wear over anything. It features front straps for closure, high cuffs, side slits and two sizable front pockets. 


+ Gathering images related to the original inspiration to study  silhouettes, details and materials. 

++ There are so many possibilities when designing. The goal is to find the right combination of every element of the garment.

+++ In the studio, two muslin samples are made before the final cut. The first sample is to see the fit, length, and overall silhouette. The second sample is to perfect the garment with finishing, stitching and minor details. 

+++ Sampling different stitchings.